Hotel "Fortress Hetman"

Hotel "Fortress Hetman"

Amazing hotel and restaurant complex near Kiev! All you can surprise, amaze and arouse a desire to return again! Getting into our Fortetsia-you lose track of time, because the unique architecture, majestic interior, the richness of handmade decor, historical artifacts of ancient Ukraine, which is filled with our complex - fascinating from the very first moment.


Guests can choose from 27 comfortable rooms (rooms), each of which is dedicated to a separate historical hero and has its own special design. The decoration is dominated by natural materials-natural wood, forging and textiles. All numbers are stylized under chambers of historical heroes of 15-20 centuries (hetmans of Ukraine, kings, kings, khans, sultans) who left a trace in history of Ukraine.

Hotel services:

"Fortetsia Getmana" -a famous hotel and restaurant complex on the Odessa highway near Kiev (450m), where guests are always open doors of a retro restaurant and their choice are: Ukrainian national cuisine, Caucasian cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, European cuisine.
For the rest of parents and children in our complex there is a Children's Center, A children's room, there is a Playground - where master classes for children, children's entertainment, educational children's animation and much more.


The hotel is located at the address: Kyiv Sviatoshynsky district, village Gatne, Institutskaya str., 103

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