Sanatorium "Shaian"

SE "Sanatorium "shaian" CJSC "Ukrprofzdravnitsa" is the eponymous resort "Shayan". The resort "Shayan" balneo-climatic. Located in the valley of the Tisza river at the foot of Vyhorlat-Galinsoga of a ridge in 15 km from Khust. The mountain range surrounding the resort, leaving a passage only to the East. The road winds closed and this creates the perfect climatic conditions. Mild winters and not hot summers attract visitors year-round. The abundance of forests and the lack of wind causes a higher concentration of active oxygen in the air.

The main feature of the resort is the presence of four very valuable, of different ion-salt composition and temperature mineral springs of the famous type “Essentuki”, “Narzan”, “Borjomi”. Mineral water springs of the resort “Shayan” have good taste, transparent, odorless, salty taste, emit carbon dioxide. Have stable chemical composition and physico-chemical properties (well depth – 180-200 meters).

The resort "Shayan" there are four of the resort with dozens of hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers, landscaped lake with beaches, water attractions, horse riding. 8 km from the resort "Shayan" is a popular hydropathic "Warm water", where patients are taking medicinal baths with thermal brine, therapeutic concentration of ions of iodine and bromine. It treats patients with diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, peripheral nervous system, varicose veins, skin diseases (psoriasis). Delivery of patients in the hydrotherapy comfortable bus. 20 km from the health resort there is a balneary "Tereblya", where patients take mud baths with volcanic hydrogen sulfide.
One of the dominant medical institutions in the resort "Shayan" is the SE "Sanatorium "shaian" CJSC "Ukrprofzdravnitsa". It began with the history of the resort. Functioning since 1957. The sanatorium has the highest accreditation category by MOH. Bed capacity – 200 seats. The resort offers a General therapy Department for 170 beds and the Department of rehabilitation of patients with diabetes with 30 beds. The composition of the sanatorium consists of two sleeping buildings, medical-diagnostic building, mineral waters pump-room, dining-room, outbuildings. On the territory there are parks, playgrounds, including equipment for mechanotherapy the Sanatorium has its own pump room of mineral waters and artesian wells, which provides round-the-clock water supply.

The algorithm of stay of patients and vacationers designed according to the requirements of the science of balneology. Medical protective regime, diet, treatment, appropriate entertainment should be possible to restore the quality of life of patients of the sanatorium. But building the only correct algorithm of recovery is individual for each patient and is the responsibility of the medical staff of the sanatorium.

Exceptional quality mineral waters, beautiful landscape, clean mountain air, comfortable living conditions contribute to a comfortable and effective treatment. Professional medical staff of the sanatorium invites you to "eternal legend of the healing spring" in the sanatorium "Shayan"!

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