Bartolomeo Resort Hotel

Bartolomeo Resort Hotel


6.5 hectares of coastal parkland
the ability to accept 2000 guests
multi-purpose theme recreation and entertainment center
Bartolomeo Best River Resort is named after the famous Portuguese Navigator, Bartolomeu Dias, who discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1487. Many objects here are connected with the era of great geographical discoveries, with the expedition of Bartolomeu Dias and his team, with the history of the opening of the Cape of good Hope, with South Africa.

The peculiarity of Bartolomeo is the Union of the Park, the Museum of Ethnography and a full-fledged resort in the center of the Dnieper.

Bartolomeo Resort Hotel is a luxurious wooden Bungalow in a Park. 79 rooms are ready to receive 200 guests.

The restaurant complex is a copy of the ship "San Gabriel", which found its last shelter on a sandy beach and rocks. The hall of the restaurant complex is a rocky grotto, which is decorated with aquariums with tropical fish and bas – reliefs in the style of Indian tribes, and its ceiling is the bottom of the ship.

Two elements: water and fire are reflected in the two main recreation areas: the restaurant and gastropub BARTOFISH BRAZZUKA.

Children's Playground is the territory of happiness of our little guests. Especially for which we have created a real pirate ship with swings, slides, white sand, savannas and exotic animals, as well as a children's cafe, where everyone can eat healthy and tasty dishes.

The surrounding area of the summer pool is equipped with everything for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Built according to the latest technologies, the pool is characterized by crystal clear water thanks to the active operation of four filter pumps.

Colorful light and music fountain with special lighting will turn your holiday into a real show and an unforgettable attraction. The magnificent space of the outdoor pool with comfortable sun loungers, gazebos and a separate Aqua bar gives the rest a special resort carefree, relaxing and entertaining.

On the territory of Bartolomeo there is a complex for corporate events. It is a detached Bungalow with stained glass Windows and private access to the pier. The complex consists of a hall, a separate room for coffee breaks, a summer terrace, equipped with video, audio systems, flipchart, projector. There is a car Park adjacent to the property, and a restaurant complex is a one-minute walk away.

Find a yacht club is quite simple, it is located on the right Bank of the Dnieper, near the thirty-third edge buoy. The territory of the Yacht Club is equipped with comfortable Parking for yachts, boats and jet skis. For guests and members of the club there is a yacht cafe.

On the territory of Bartolomeo each guest is available a Russian bath on firewood, with a capacity of up to 10 people.

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