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Book Khmel'nik

Healing mineral water, a corps, high professional level of medical workers, sensitive and attentive leisure services has won the good name of the military clinical sanatorium "Khmilnyk".The sanatorium is located in the town of Khmilnyk of Vinnytsia region, 60 km from Vinnitsa and 240 km from Kiev, in the warm-temperate climatic zone. It occupies a large area in the beautiful arboretum of national importance with an area of 55 hectares with an artificial lake in the center.

The total capacity of the sanatorium — 600 seats. It offers guests 4 dormitories with double rooms with all amenities.

The area is ecologically clean. Scenic flat and hilly terrain, large array of mixed forest, a magnificent panorama of the river southern bug, harvest fields around the city create a unique atmosphere, typical for the Ukrainian Polesie.

The climate is temperate continental, mild, characterized by minor temperature variations. Summer is cool and winter is mild ( in aware — 6° C). In the sanatorium own microclimate thanks to the spruce-fir Park.

A unique therapeutic factor of the resort is radon carbonate chloride calzievo-sodium water. It contains many chemical elements, gases, organic substances. According to objective studies, 97% of holidaymakers are issued with the improvement of health status. For a number of years maintain their health at the proper level thanks to regular treatment in this health resort.

The 30-year history of the sanatorium suggests that he is constantly looking for further improvement of the material base of the treatment process, improve the living conditions of vacationers.


Accommodation: the Vacationer for 2-bed rooms with all amenities.

Meals: In the canteen for 1000 people three meals a day according to individual orders. There is room diet.


Medical indications: diseases of the Central and peripheral nervous system (osteochondrosis, paresis, paralysis, the effects of trauma), musculoskeletal (arthritis, arthrosis), cardiovascular (ischemia, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease), skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma), gynecological, concomitant gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs, cardiovascular system.

Main treatments: balneotherapy (radon and other mineral baths, therapeutic showers, vertical underwater spine traction in radon water), climate therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise, clinical nutrition.

The main medical factor — mineral radon carbonate chloride-calcium-sodium water with a radon concentration of 100-200 NCI/L. the Nature of her healing factor is the effect on the skin and the organs, especially the capillaries of the blood vessels weak alpha radiation (not to be confused with betta, and gamma rays!) long living isotopes of radon dissolved in water. Due to contact of the isotopes of radon with skin, nerve, capillary system, it has a significant impact, there is a "revival" of the vessel by electrolytic massaging, increases their tone, improves blood circulation and nutrition of the affected joints, muscles, organs.

Are untenable and unscientific judgments about the alleged harm and danger of the treatment in radon water. With the exception of cancer patients, it heals and fits the widest range of patients. In this health resort helped rehabilitate thousands of people who have suffered the consequences of the Chernobyl accident in the number of children from the affected areas. In dire need of miners, agricultural workers-tractor drivers, drivers, injured people cold from the joints of affected spines, postinsultnykh.

The sanatorium is equipped with a unique pool for underwater traction of the spine in radon water, where the sick are lowered and retrieved from it on gurneys and transported to the chamber of rest, not standing up where they lie, wrapped in blankets 30-40 min., as a result of 10 scheduled procedure, the vast majority of people suffering from back pain, lower back feel significant relief, and many who could not move, literally back on his feet, crutches changed to cane, and the full therapeutic effect, according to specialists, occurs within 2 — 6 months depending on the extent of the disease. Many people, especially the older generation who have had a hard life, excessive physical activity, illness, come to the sanatorium with patients, swollen joints, elbows, wrists, stiff fingers, painful at the slightest touch your hip joints, and as a result of baths, showers and whirlpools in radon water take initial posture, easy gait, again feel the joy of movement and life.

Those who have problems with bleeding gums, erosion on the basis of women's diseases, they also provided a therapeutic effect of radon water. For gastric patients, imported mineral waters of the Carpathian region: "Naftusia" of Truskavets, "zbruchanskaya", "Regina". Patients with broncho-pulmonary diseases are treated the inhaler and artificial salt cave.

All procedures are prescribed and dispensed under strict supervision of doctors, after the obligatory preliminary examination, including the removal of the electro-cardiogram, other necessary studies. All treatments are calculated on the computer, which eliminates overlap in time. The staff literally schooled, polite and attentive waiting in the treatment rooms are inviting, referring exclusively by name and patronymic.


A beautiful arboretum, where the resort is located — a monument of landscape arhitektrury. There is a club, a library, a billiard room. For sports lovers there are tennis courts, volleyball courts, areas for playing in baminton, table tennis hall, gym and sports facilities.


22000,Vinnitsa region,Khmelnik,

St. on May 1,39

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