Sanatorium "Podillya"

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Sanatorium "Podillya"

Sanatorium Podolye is located in the resort Khmelnik Vinnytsia region. The city of Khmilnyk is a balneological resort of national importance and occupies an area of 2049,3 hectares. it is Located on the river southern bug in a bowl-shaped depression. The climate is temperate — warm, soft, without sharp fluctuations in temperature, favorable for the organism and, moreover, corresponds to the "comfort zone".

Sanatorium Podolye is one of the best-known resorts with wonderful infrastructure of medical Affairs. It was here, in the quiet of the dense forest, you can fully relax and soul and body, and vacationers who wish to improve their health, will be able to properly evaluate anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of radon baths.


2-local standartny with amenities

— toilet

— wash basin

— shower

— balcony

— no TV and refrigerator

— no repair

1-2-room Junior Suite with private facilities

— toilet

— wash basin

— shower

— balcony


— fridge

— repair of average quality

1-2-bed 2-room Suite with private facilities

— toilet

— wash basin

— shower

— sofa

— balcony


— fridge



— set of dishes

— repair of good quality


3 meals a day. A food in sanatorium Podolye is carried out on a seven-day menu that is generated based on the characteristics of dietary rations for different groups of patients. It is quite obvious that the food for diabetics must be different from the food that is suitable osteochondrosis or radiculitis. Therefore, based on the organization of food taken range of diets, each of which considers the needs of different groups of patients


— Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, deforming osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis II degree of activity, reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, collagen diseases (scleroderma, dermatomyositis), traumatic injuries of bones and joints, consequences of skin burns (colloidal scars) in the absence of wounds on the body, the correction of scoliosis.

— Cardiovascular disease: coronary heart disease (without angina and arrhythmia) in heart failure, is not higher than I degree, essential hypertension of I-II stage, hypotension, rheumatism is active or minimal activity, compensating in children oblitiriruyuschie vascular disease of the lower limb I-II stage, varicose veins, chronic thrombophlebitis (not earlier than six months after an exacerbation).

— Diseases of the nervous system: neuroses, residual symptoms of endured arachnoiditis and diencephalitis, radiculitis, plexitis, polyneuritis, consequences of stroke (after a year of independent movement and complete indemnification of the function of the cardiovascular system).

— Diseases of the respiratory system: chronic bronchitis with asthmatic displays.

— Gynecological diseases: chronic inflammation of the uterus and its appendages, menstrual disorders, infertility, and fibroids of the uterus, which is subject to conservative treatment of genital endometriosis and rehabilitation after gynecological operations.

— Diseases of male genital: chronic nonspecific prostatitis, treated conservatively in remission in the absence of prostate and urethral stricture.

— Skin diseases: psoriasis (the stationary form), neurodermatitis, eczema (dry form), trophic ulcers.

— Endocrine diseases: diabetes (mild and average forms), hyperthyroidism of I-II stages and obesity of I-II stage.


indoor swimming pools




— baths (Spa 47 baths, corticeira 2 seats)

— sports complex with room gymnastics

— fitness room

— Internet Wi-Fi


beauty salon

— salon "Prozorist"

— dance hall

— concert hall

— disco

— volleyball court

— tennis courts




— negotiating point

— mail

— Barber

— Parking.


Vinnytsia region, town Khmilnyk,

ul Resort 10

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