The Sanatorium "Radon"

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The Sanatorium "Radon"

The sanatorium "radon" is located in the small town of chmielnik, famous for its radon water. No wonder he has such a name: once on the site was the facility, which since 1967 has treated patients radon water from their own wells. Now the resort is two bedrooms and therapeutic building, dining room.

The main profile of the sanatorium is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device, cardiovascular and nervous system. In addition, radon is visited by patients with diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, disorders of sexual functions, obesity...


Health resort radon — consists of 5 buildings: administrative building — building 1 - dormitory building — building 2 - dormitory and therapeutic recreation complex — building No. 3 - bedroom housing — the building of the canteen of the building are connected by covered walkways, except for building 3 which is at a distance of 180 meters from the main complex.

Administrative building (2 floors, no Elevator) 1st floor: reception, administrative offices, doctors 'offices 2nd floor: doctors' offices. Building # 1: (6 floors, Elevator) 1st floor: reception, rooms 2-6-th floor: rooms. Case No. 2: (2 floors, no Elevator) 1st floor treatment rooms, bath Department 2 nd floor: gym, doctors ' offices, the number of rooms. Case No. 3: (5 floors, no lift) 1-3 floor: closed for repairs 4-5 floor: rooms. Dining hall: (3 floors, no lift) 1st-2nd floor: 3rd floor: conference hall, concert hall


In the sanatorium a beautiful kitchen: main used diets are number 5, 7, 8, 15. If necessary, use the special vegetarian and low-calorie diet for obese patients.

The selection of the right diet considering of the pyramid of a balanced diet allows over the holiday period to significantly improve the condition.

In the complex of health improvement includes three meals a day.

For guests of the resort in the dining room has 2 dining rooms.

In addition to the healthy diet — a juice bar. The healing power of nature in therapeutic fragrant herbal teas will fill You with energy, courage and just bring pleasure.

Treatment facilities:

Spa (jet showers, bath tubs, irrigation);

— physiotherapy (magnetotherapy, UHF, microwave therapy, etc., mud and ozokeritnye applications inhalation);

— speleotherapy;

treatments spine (various hoods of the spine, massages);

— laboratory diagnostics;

— Exercise;

— cosmetology;

— urological procedure;

gynecological procedures;

— expert advice.

Balneological procedures, which were included in the price:

— Soul: Charcot, Circular, Upward;

— Underwater shower-massage;

— The extrusion of a spine (u);

— Radon two chamber bath (legs, arms), the General and semi-bath;

— Bath: Protivolakozna "Chestnut", Bishofita, Coniferous, Turpentine, Iodine-bromine, Dermatological, sea salt, rheumatologic diseases;

Gynecological irrigation;

Physiotherapy treatments, which were included in the price:

— Magnetotherapy, Microwave, Diadino-, Electric-, Interference-, Amplipuls, Ultratone - and ULTRASONIC-therapy;

Scanning, Nazvany and magnetolaser;

— Nadonna laser therapy;

— UHF;


— UFO;

— Darsonvalization;

— Tubus-quartz;

— Inhalations with calendula and eucalyptus;

— Paraffin-ozokerite and Mud applications;

— Galvanic-mud;


— Electrical stimulation;

— Soleo-Galva;

— Therapeutic massage (10 min).

Laboratory diagnosis, which was included in the price:

— The General analysis of blood and urine;

— Determine the level of glucose in the blood;

— Urological and gynecological smear on the flora;

— Electrocardiography;

— Rheovasography of vessels of lower extremities, neck and head;

X — ray examination.

Therapeutic Physical Culture, which was included in the price:

— Exercise;

— Individual development of the joints;

— Lessons-lesson on the Board device.

Services neurologist:


— Manual therapy;

— Blockade.

The services of a urologist, which was included in the price:


Prostate massage;

— Vacuum - and Magneto - therapy;

Electrophoresis of medicinal substances.

— Services of the gynecologist, which was included in the price:


— Irrigation with radon water;

— Intra-cavity electro-, magneto-, laser-, therapy;

— Consultation of the dermatologist.

— In addition — on request the pressure measurement; radon or carbon dioxide dry bath (with contraindications for balneotherapy); treatment of diseases of the female and male reproductive system with the help of physiotherapy complexes (gynecological and urological);

— The final acceptance of the attending physician with recommendations.

Services and infrastructure:

— dining room, restaurant, juice bar;

pool for underwater traction of the spine;

— gym;

— conference hall;

concert hall;

— Wi-Fi (Building # 3 without the Internet);

— speleological chamber;

an infrared sauna;

— cryosauna;

— beauty parlor;

— Parking;

— organization of excursions and entertainment programs.


22000,Vinnitsa region.,

the city of Khmilnyk,street 1-go May,1

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