The Sanatorium "Dniester"

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The Sanatorium "Dniester"


Sanatorium Dniester — one of the best sanatoriums of resort Morshyn. Located in the heart of the city-resort Morshyn, in a forested area – ecologically clean area. Distance from sanatorium Dniester to the pump-room of mineral waters and Spa-complex-350 m, to Medical diagnostic centre 20 m, railway station 350 m, bus station 500 m. Near the sanatorium there is the Palace of Culture and tenisty court. Sanatorium Dniester has a special "Liver center" where doctors work–Hepatology – experienced specialists in the field of treatment of liver diseases.


Sanatorium Dniester consists of 2 dormitories and a separate building is the dining room (across the street from the buildings). Buildings are situated near the Park. Distance from sanatorium Dniester to the pump-room of mineral waters and Spa-complex-350 m, to Medical diagnostic centre — 20m. Near the sanatorium there is the Palace of Culture and tenisty court. The rooms offer a picturesque landscape for Park avenues or Central part of the city. Case No. 2: 8-storey, 2 lifts. In 2009, in the sleeping case №2, a full reconstruction of rooms. In the superior category rooms have access to Wi-Fi. Case No. 4: 3-storeys. Rooms: 209 rooms. Economy plus: 1-room 2-bed room with two separate beds, TV, refrigerator, radio, bathroom (shower, WC). The rooms are very basic but comfortable enough for placement. Some rooms with balconies. Maximum occupancy of guests per room is 2+1 (extra bed is a folding bed). The area — 19,3 sq. m. Superior: 1 room 1-2 person room with one bed or two separate beds. In room: TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, bathroom (WC, shower). The room has modern renovation, new plumbing. A room without a balcony. Maximum occupancy of guests per room is 2+1 (extra bed — folding armchair). Room size 21 sq m. superior Suite 2-bedroom: 2-bedded room, bedroom with two single beds, living room with set of upholstered furniture. In the room: radio, TV, refrigerator, tea set, iron, electric kettle, bathroom (WC, shower). All rooms after renovation. Maximum occupancy of guests per room is 2+1 (extra bed — sofa or armchair-bed). Room with a balcony. Room size — 30 to 36 sq. m.


Sanatorium Dniester operates a specialist unit for the treatment of patients with liver disease "Liver centre". In the Department take medical Hepatology.

Indications for treatment in a special "Liver center":

1. Alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease.

2. Toxic liver damage with cholestasis, chronic persistent hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis with minimal activity, with other disorders of the liver. Toxic damage of the liver is not clarified.

3. Chronic persistent hepatitis nonspecific reactive hepatitis, chronic viral hepatitis with minimal activity (b, C).

4. Fatty degeneration of the liver.

5. Cirrhosis of the liver in the compensation stage.

Contraindications for treatment in a specialized "Liver center":

1. Acute hepatitis.

2. Chronic active hepatitis with severe activity.

3. Liver cirrhosis in the decompensation stage.

Indications for treatment at the resort Morshyn:

1. Viral hepatitis. The end phenomenon of viral hepatitis in the inactive phase.

2. Chronic inactive hepatitis of different etiology, the ultimate effects after toxicchemicals liver disease (including alcoholic damage).

3. Gallstone disease I stage.

4. Chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis different etiologies in remission or partial remission.

5. Biliary dyskinesia, spasm of the sphincter of Oddi.

6. Chronic pancreatitis.

7. Gastroezofagealnaya reflux disease, functional disorders of the esophagus.

8. Ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcer in remission or fading exacerbation.

9. Chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency.

10. Chronic gastritis with preserved and increased secretion (type).

11. Chronic gastroduodenitis without exacerbation.

12. Functional diseases of the stomach. Functional dispersion.

13. Chronic colitis and enterocolitis of different etiology without exacerbations, intestinal dysbiosis.

14. The irritable bowel syndrome.

15. Bowel dysfunctions (constipation, diarrhea).

16. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in the remission phase.

17. State after surgical interventions on the organs of digestion: postcholecystectomical syndrome, postgastrectomy syndrome, conditions after operations on the colon, the rectum.

18. Diabetes mellitus type I and II.

19. Diseases of metabolism: diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, uric acid diathesis.

20. Urolithiasis and secondary chronic pyelonephritis without chronic renal failure.

21. Chronic prostatit.

Contraindications to treatment at the resort Morshyn:

1. All diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage.

2. Cicatricial narrowing of the gastrointestinal tract with impaired patency.

3. Ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcers in phase of exacerbation and complications.

4. Gastritis is a rigid, androgyny, hypertrophic, polyps of the stomach.

5. Complications after operations on the stomach.

6. Bowel disease – interfaith with marked disturbance of the digestive functions, ulcerative colitis, gemorroidalnye bleeding, polyps.

7. Gallstone disease with frequent and severe attacks.

8. Liver disease – hepatitis in the active phase, hepatic cirrhosis, all forms of jaundice. Medical-diagnostic center of the resort Morshyn has a capacity of 1200 visits per day, we use the most modern medical equipment. Offering visitors more than 250 techniques of the body, consultations of doctors-specialists of all directions. The medical diagnostic center are the offices: — clinical diagnostic laboratory — biochemical laboratory — immunology laboratory — Cytology laboratory — classrooms ultrasonic diagnostic clinics x-ray diagnostic clinics endoscopy and PH-metry — duodenal probing — the room of functional diagnostics offices for the diagnosis and treatment of urological and gynecological diseases. Consultation doctors narrow specialties: — psihoterapevt — ophthalmologist — neurologist — surgeon — otolaryngologist, dermatologist and dentist. Hospital. It includes the departments of hydrotherapy, mineral wax, mineral water pump room, cabinets of manual massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, underwater shower-massage, doctors-gastroenterologists. Department of of hydrotherapy. Here are released from treatment with water and mineral water drinking treatment with mineral water, baths, showers, massage gums, intestinal irrigation, hydrocolonotherapy, microclyster, gynecological procedures. Department of mineral wax you can take a course of therapy and mud therapy.

The main therapeutic factors: mineral water springs №1, №6 with the content of sulfate-chloride, magnesium-sodium, chloride-sulfate and potassium-magnesium-sodium composition. In diseases of the urinary tract is weak mineralized water of spring №4.


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