Dnepr-Beskid Resort

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Sanatorium-hotel complex "Dnepr-Beskids" is one of the most popular health resorts of Truskavets, located in the ecologically clean area near the picturesque forest of Truskavets.

Sanatorium-hotel complex "Dnepr-Beskids" specializiruetsya on the treatment and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary system, genitourinary system. At the sanatorium there is the opportunity to receive qualified consultations of doctors in specialties: therapy, Pediatrics, gastroenterology, proctology, sexual pathology, urology, cardiology, surgery, endocrinology, dermatology, neurology, psychotherapy.

Medical-diagnostic base of the sanatorium:

— Balneotherapy: baths (mineral, pearl, coniferous, sea salt, underwater massage), therapeutic showers (Charcot shower, circular ascending intestinal, colonogenic), therapeutic pools, pump-room;

— Mud: mineral wax, mud rectal tampons;

— Physiotherapy Department: electrotherapy, phototherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasonic therapy;

Facilities physical therapy;

— Massage;

— Dental offices;

— Psychotherapy, extensional vibrating massage, cosmetology;

— Functional diagnostics room;

— The Cabinet of ultrasonic diagnostics;

— Office endoscopy;

X — ray study;

— The clinical diagnostic laboratory;

— Biochemical laboratory;

— Swimming pool, sauna.

• NEW!!! In the sanatorium Dnepr-Beskid resort operates a Cabinet impulse shock-wave vacuum therapy device Vacumed in. The goal of treatment is to improve blood circulation in the human body, strengthen blood vessels, removing harmful deposits from veins and lymph nodes, elimination of inflammatory and edematous processes in tissues and organs. Application areas:improvement of sexual potency, detoxification of the body, prevention and treatment of diabetic microangiopathy, treatment of early stage venous insufficiency; prevention of venous and arterial insufficiency; dermatoses (psoriasis, neurodermatitis); atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial occlusion; aesthetic treatments (cellulite, adiposity, rehabilitation after plastic surgery).

Also available to the guests in the complex Dnepr-Beskid (Truskavets) has two bars "Beskyd" and "Zagreb", a restaurant, a disco bar, shop, sauna, pool, Billiards, fitness center, Playground, hairdresser, pharmacy, ATM. In addition, the resort has a Bank and currency exchange.


In the sanatorium-hotel complex "Dnipro-Beskyd" consists of sanatorium "Dnipro" and hotel "Beskid".

Hotel "Beskid" — is a 84 single rooms and 200 double rooms, two-room class "luxury".

In the sanatorium "Dnepr" — 250 double rooms and single rooms and suites. Each room has bathroom, TV, telephone, refrigerator. Hot and cold water is supplied constantly.


3 meals a day diet in the morning, improved in the restaurant. Organized as a dietary and vegetarian meals.


82200,Ukraine,Truskavets, Drohobych str., 33

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