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The Sanatorium "Moldova"

The sanatorium "Moldova" is located in the South-Eastern part of Truskavets, near the reservoir and the forest, just a 3-minute walk from the Central pump-room of mineral waters of Truskavets. Ecologically clean air of the resort Truskavets, in conjunction with medical diagnostic equipment, Moldova and highly qualified staff of the sanatorium will allow You to restore forces and to get rid of many ailments. Calculated the sanatorium Moldova for 350 seats.

To services of vacationers the resort operates: lobby bar, SPA-center, cafe-bar, sauna, Solarium, ballroom, library, grocery store, pharmacy, Playground (football, volleyball) tennis court, gym, Parking, salt room for asthma, mineral water pump room, currency exchange, Bank, sightseeing tours.


— 1-2 local standard: in-room toilet, shower, washbasin, furniture, refrigerator, TV.

— 2 bed 2-nd category of the room toilet, shower, washbasin, furniture, refrigerator, TV.

— 1 bed 2-nd category 1-2 persons 1 category: room toilet, shower, sink, new plumbing, furniture, refrigerator, TV, kettle, iron.

— 2-bed 2-room of 1 category: room toilet, shower, sink, new plumbing, all necessary furniture, refrigerator, TV, kettle, iron. Renovation: living room and bedroom connected by arch.

— 2-bed 2-room Suite, super Suite: the room toilet, bathtub, sink, bidet, new plumbing; in a super-Suite, entrance hall, 2 bathrooms, bedroom, living room, furniture, TV, kettle, fridge, iron. Renovation.


A food in sanatorium "Moldova" is carried out in three dining halls with 350 seats. Special attention is paid to the healthy diet with a variety of Moldovan and Ukrainian cuisine, which correspond to the 15 types of therapeutic diets. In the commercial hall of the diet, you will be offered a dessert buffet.

Information about diets

Diet number 1

Indication: gastritis with low acid-forming function.

Purpose: mechanical sparing, secret and normalization of motor function of the stomach.

Diet No. 2

Indications: chronic gastritis with increased acid-forming function.

Purpose: mechanical sparing, with the restriction of coarse vegetable fiber, increasing the acidity of gastric juice.

Diet number 4B

Indication: chronic bowel disease during the recovery period after exacerbation.

Purpose: to provide adequate nutrition in case of a failure of bowel function, promote the recovery of the functions and activities of other digestive organs.

Diet №5

Indication: liver disease, biliary tract in remission, in the absence of inflammatory processes in the stomach and intestines.

Purpose: chemical sparing of the liver in terms of nutrition, stimulation of biliary excretion, contributing to the normalization of impaired activity of the liver and biliary excretion, stimulation of the physiological functions of the intestine.

Diet №5P

Indications: chronic pancreatitis.

Purpose: to contribute to normalization of the functional ability of the pancreas to facilitate mechanical and chemical sparing the disturbed functions of the stomach and intestines, and decrease in reflex excitation the gallbladder.

Diet No. 6

Indications: urolithiasis with stone formation of uric or oxalic acid, gout, and other diseases that require significant restriction of meat and fish.

Purpose: to contribute to the normalization of exchange of purines, reducing the formation of uric acid and its salts, reducing income with food oxalic acid reaction of the urine to the alkaline side.

Diet №7

Indications: acute nephritis in the recovery period (3-4 weeks), chronic nephritis.

Purpose: moderate sparing of renal function, reducing hypertension and edema, improvement of excretion of nitrogenous and other metabolic waste products.

Diet №8

Indication: obesity as a primary disease or associated with other diets that do not require special diets.

Purpose: effects on metabolism to eliminate excess fat.

Diet number 9

Indication: diabetes mild to moderate severity.

Purpose: to contribute to the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and preventing disorders of lipid metabolism, to determine the resistance to carbs, that is what number of carbohydrates are used.

Diet №14

Indication: kidney stones with alkaline reaction of urine and deposition of calcium and phosphorus salts (phosphaturia).

Purpose: restoration of the acid reaction of the urine and prevent the formation of sludge.

Diet №15

Indication: General rational diet.

Purpose: diet includes various foods and dishes in the ordinary way of cooking.


The sanatorium "Moldova" — it is primarily a health and medical complex, where you will work with exceptionally skilled doctors and medical staff.

The sanatorium offers its customers to combine the pleasant with the useful — not only to relax away from the noisy city streets and the stress of labor, but also to take care of the most important that every person have health. Specialists are ready to provide tourists with everything necessary for treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases of various body systems, as well as the course of a restorative, relaxing and revitalizing procedures.

Sanatorium specialization:

Sanatorium specializiruetsya on the treatment of the following diseases:

— problems of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcers and 12-duodenal ulcer — up to chronic gastritis, pancreatitis and colitis);

— violation capabilites system: biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis, hepatitis, gallstone disease;

— diseases of the genitourinary system: prostatitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithic disease;

— metabolic disorders: obesity, diabetes, gout;

— diseases of the musculoskeletal system: spinal hernia, osteoarthritis, metabolic arthritis, protrusion.


— Gym;

— Dance evenings;

— Conference hall for lectures and concerts, sessions, digital cinema;

— Food and souvenir shops;

— Hairdresser;

— Camera storage;


— Spa centre;

— Parking;

Climatic salon "Dead sea";

— Bar-cafe;

— Massage therapist;

— Bank office and currency exchange;

— Beautician;

— Shuttle service.


— pools (children's, swimming pool with Dead sea water, Jacuzzi and contrast pool);

— saunas and baths (Finnish, Russian, Hamam, Craxi, infrared, aroma);

phyto — bar;

— medical and sports facilities;

— massage rooms (Indian, aroma, Thai, classic).


82200,Ukraine,Lviv region,

Truskavets,Horodyshche street 12 g

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