Sanatorium "Pearl Of The Carpathians"

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Sanatorium "Pearl Of The Carpathians"

Sanatorium "pearl of the Carpathians" is located in the foothills of the resort is just 1.5 km from the centre of the city, belongs to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. Truskavets is a great place for treatment and rehabilitation as the whole organism. and its individual systems. Distance from Truskavets large industrial enterprises and created by nature mineral water of Truskavets fully contribute to this. Capacity of the sanatorium — 400.

To services of vacationers Perlini Precarpathia:

— cinema and concert hall for 250 seats;

— the dance hall;


a sauna,a

— pool;

billiard room;

— hairdresser;

— volleyball court, tennis courts;

— game room;


— camera storage;

— equipment rental


Wi-Fi zone in the lobby of the resort.

Sanatorium "pearl of the Carpathians" is profiled in the treatment of the following diseases:

— liver and bile tract: gallstones, biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis, cholangitis, chronic hepatitis;

— gastrointestinal tract: chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis;

— kidney and urinary tract: chronic pyelonephritis; nephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, urolithiasis, uric diathesis;

— metabolic: diabetes mellitus.

In the medical base of sanatorium includes clinical-biochemical laboratory, offices of ultrasonic diagnostics, functional diagnostics, endoscopy, fibergastroscope, duodenal probing pH-metry, sigmoidoscopy, dental offices, the inhaler, the Department of mineral wax, mineral separation, Valerian and pine baths, massage rooms, physiotherapy rooms, offices, gynecological and intestinal lavage and mineral water pump room.

Treatment methods used in the sanatorium:

— mineral water "Naftusya", "Maria", "Bronislava", "yuzya";

— baths: coniferous, mineral, pearl, with the addition of herbs;

laser therapy,

— ozokerite applications;

— intestinal lavage;

— colon hydrotherapy;

— underwater shower-massage,

oil inhalation with the addition of herbs;

— manual therapy, massage,

— vibratory;

— vacuum massage;

— acupuncture;

— hyperbaric oxygenation (pressure chamber);

— phototherapy;

— terenkur.


Sanatorium "pearl of the Carpathians" offers guests cosy accommodation in the ten-bedroom building:

1 -, 2-bed standard rooms: shower, toilet, TV, fridge, telephone;

1 -, 2-bed superior rooms: shower, toilet, washbasin, television, fridge, telephone;

2-bed 2-room Suite: renovated, bath, WC, TV, refrigerator, telephone.


three dietary meals.


82200,Ukraine,Lviv region,

Truskavets,street Bandery,71

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